Advice for Safe Jump Starts

January 29th, 2020 by

You might be asked by a Miami driver to help them jump start their car. Could you do it safely? The following expert advice from Planet Alfa Romeo can help you.

Begin by turning off your car, engaging both vehicles' parking brakes and finding your jumper cables. For maximum safety, use the following connection sequence. Attach your positive cable, which is probably red, to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Connect that cable to your battery's positive terminal. Clamp your negative cable to your negative terminal. Avoid clamping the last connector to the dead battery. You want to minimize potential sparks, so clamp it to any non-moving, metal piece that is unpainted on the other car.

Return to your driver's seat, and start your car. After waiting about a minute, the other driver can try their car. Revving your engine may help the other car start. If several attempts fail, a problem requiring a repair may exist.


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