Your vehicle is similar to your home vacuum cleaner in that they both won’t run without a belt. Belts and hoses must be in good condition to avoid roadside breakdowns and costly repairs, and our team at Planet Alfa Romeo can give you tips on what kind of belts and hoses your car uses as well as their function. Even in the best of condition, belts and hoses tend to wear out. Your vehicle uses a variety of different belts and hoses, all of which must be in good condition.

• Timing Belt – This belt drives the camshaft and is necessary to keep the engine running smoothly.
• Coolant hoses – These hoses keep the heating and cooling system working by transferring antifreeze throughout the system.
• Serpentine Belt – This belt sends power from the crankshaft to all parts of the engine.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your vehicle inspected, stop at our shop in Miami. Our qualified technicians can inspect the belts and hoses and perform any automotive services your vehicle might need.


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