Our car experts at Planet Alfa Romeo like to provide Miami, FL shoppers with useful automotive knowledge. A blind spot monitor is a safety feature that uses cutting-edge technology to help you stay safe when you're behind the wheel.

A blind spot monitor uses radars, cameras, and sensors to monitor the driver's blind spot zones. When a vehicle is rapidly approaching a driver's blind spots, it will send the driver visual and audible alerts. Many blind spot monitoring systems have illuminating icons that display on the exterior mirrors.

According to two studies, having a blind spot monitor in your vehicle can significantly reduce the risk of lane-change accidents and injuries caused by lane-change collisions. In one study, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that if every car on the road had a blind spot monitoring system, there may have been 55,000 less accidents caused by lane-change collisions and 85,000 less lane-change collisions.


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