Being capable to replace your flat tire with the spare is an important task to know in order to avoid being stranded. If you aren't familiar with the steps necessary to replace your flat, let us here at Planet Alfa Romeo keep you informed.

Park Vehicle Safely And Place A Wheel Chock

Make sure you are out of harm's way when changing the spare, and always be sure to place a wheel chock under one of the wheels; nothing is worse than jacking up the car and having it fall on you because the wheels turn.

Jack The Vehicle Safely

Find out where your jack and spare are located by either looking in your owner's manual or doing a google search about your specific vehicle. Loosen the lugs before lifting the car.

Replace Wheel

Replace the wheel and lug nuts, lower the car, and torque the lugs in a star sequence, firmly and evenly.

If your car has a flat tire, bring it to Planet Alfa Romeo where we will be happy to help!



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