Here at Planet Alfa Romeo, we make it a point to help our customers and other drivers stay more secure as they operate their vehicles. An important aspect of safety is maintaining vehicle components in the proper working order, and few vehicle components are more important to this mission then vehicle tires. In addition to overall tire structural integrity, it’s also important for drivers to keep their tread wear patterns even.

Front and rear tires often wear in different places and at different rates. This is due to many factors which include whether the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive and also on other things, such as driver habits. That said, owners can control and even benefit from such wear if they regularly rotate their tires.

At its simplest, tire rotation involves regularly changing the positions of each individual tire. Technicians use pre-planned tire rotation patterns to ensure maximum safety. There are many tire rotation patterns available, and some of the more widely seen types are front to rear, rear to front, and side to side.

Performance sports cars can benefit from tread wear patterns such as side to side tire switches. Tire switches simply move the tires around without placing them on another axle. Another performance tire rotation pattern is front to back, and these patterns come in handy for tires with directional treads. Whichever pattern type drivers choose to use, they would do well to always remember the many benefits of regular tire rotation.



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