Planet Alfa Romeo knows the importance of Miami motorists being well-informed on matters relating to driving and safety. One topic that some motorists often have questions about is the difference between oversteering and understeering. An abnormally strong engine is often present in both of these.

These terms are both related to a vehicle's sensitivity to steering. To put it simply, oversteering takes place when the vehicle turns farther than its driver intended, and understeering occurs when the vehicle does not turn as far as its driver intended. Both lateral acceleration and steering angle influence understeering and oversteering.

If you have seen the back of your vehicle fishtailing, then you have experienced oversteer. If your vehicle's tires continue plowing straight after you have turned the steering, then you have experienced understeer. For cars with front-wheel drive, understeer will happen at a higher frequency than oversteer. The opposite is true for cars with rear-wheel drive.


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