How To Read And Interpret Tire Markings

June 18th, 2020 by

Reading tire sizes definitely isn't every driver's strong suit. In fact, for most people, tire markings can be quite confusing. At Planet Alfa Romeo, we want to share information that will help Miami locals better understand all that's been printed on the sidewalls of their tires.

How To Determine A Tire's Class
You can determine a tire's class by looking at the very first letter present. The letter "P" means that a tire has been manufactured for use in passenger vehicles. Tires that are made for light trucks will be designated as such with the letters "LT".

What DOT Markings Mean And Where To Find Them
To be sold in the United States, all tires must have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number to show that they've been tested and have met the minimum standards for market. The two-digit, alphanumeric combination at the start of this code represents the plant at which the tire was manufactured. This is followed by a two-digit reference to the tire's size. To learn more about tire markings and their meanings or to have your tires inspected or replaced by professionals, visit us at Planet Alfa Romeo now.


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