Important Things to Know About Gaskets

August 25th, 2020 by

Did you know that your car or truck can have 100 or more gaskets? Planet Alfa Romeo offers the following information to help drivers in Miami learn more about gaskets and the purpose they serve.

Gaskets are molded parts which are placed between the moving and stationary parts of a car or truck. They can vary in size, and in most cases, gaskets are made of rubber or stainless steel. These parts are very thin, but they can be used to create a tight seal that will prevent the loss of fluid or lubricant.

Your car's engine, water pump, and fuel system are just a few parts that require gaskets. When the gasket wears down, it is no longer able to create an air-tight seal. You may notice that your vehicle has started to leak, or you may experience a loss of performance. Worn gaskets need to be replaced right away to prevent serious damage.


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